Frequently asked questions

What is Owlisten?
Owlisten is a collaborative and transparent feedback platform that allows anyone to give and receive feedback in a friendly and engaging way.
When can I collect feedback?

During or after any interaction between people, such as:

  • In-person or remote meetings
  • events, conferences
  • Sprints
  • Projects
  • Interviews
How do I invite people to a feedback session?

After creating a room you can share the link or QR code with your guests through your preferred communication channel.

How does anonymous feedback work?

Anonymous feedback does not reveal the identity of the person who gave you feedback. The same happens with the feedbacks you give to other people, they won't know that you evaluated them either. We recommend creating anonymous sessions with more than 2 guests to ensure session anonymity.

What is the difference between an open and closed room?

An open room is still available for participants to change their ratings. In a closed room participants can no longer give and receive feedback or change their ratings. Closing the room is an option available only to the user who created the room.